Did you know that supermarket chains can offer more than just winter boots, groceries and books? Many also offer a variety of payment instruments such as gift cards and credit cards.

From the point of view of trade, the idea is clear: The customer will have more willingness to buy if he is offered different payment methods and means. So it’s all about promotion and customer service.

What types of credit cards do stores offer?

What types of credit cards do stores offer?

From the customer’s point of view, the variety of payment instruments on the market is the most excellent thing. Then the customer has enough choice and can genuinely choose the payment instrument that suits them best. According to research, card payment is still the most popular payment method in Finland () and payment cards are the most popular payment instrument.

Goodbank is part of the Goodbank, which is probably one of the best-recognized Finnish brands, which is no wonder. It is a huge retail chain that operates in the sale of both vegetables and insurance.
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Except for the annual fee


The Goodbank also offers a credit card. Except for the annual fee, it has no requirement for customer ownership and has a competitive market rate. It is also possible to get a credit card from Goodbank without customer ownership, but these cards have different terms and conditions. For example, the interest rate is less competitive.



Stockmann has a long and glorious history as a versatile and somewhat sophisticated department store. It also issues a Stockmann MasterCard. If you wish, you can add a Finnair program to the card to start earning points for your purchases.

If you are a Good Finance customer, you can also add a debit or debit card feature to your card and, for example, choose your own PIN. All Stockmann MasterCard customers are offered access to an online service which can be used to check credit, balance, and increase credit, for example.

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